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Yoshida Seiko Co., Ltd. - Membership Terms &Conditions
Welcome to the Yoshida Seiko Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "Yoshida") website and apply for membership. Before you apply for membership, please read the membership terms carefully. When you click " I agree ", it means you have full understanding the membership terms and agree to abide by the terms of the membership, and use services provided by Yoshida. If you do not agree to the membership terms, please stop using our website service.
First, A member of norms and legal requirements to comply with
When you become a member of Yoshida’s website, you can use our website related services. When members use of our website services and agree to accept our website terms, and it also means all members note the constraints and agree to abide by the R.O.C. or local laws.
Second, True Registration Obligations.
Based on the services of Yoshida's website provide by, and you agree to provide a complete & detailed & true personal information when registration. Please update your information in time if there is any change after the registration.
If you do not update the personal information in time, which it causes the damage to the interests of members. Please by your own responsibility, Yoshida would not be responsible.
If you fill out personal information is not true, or the original information have been inconsistent with the registration but not update, or any misleading, Yoshida reserves the right to terminate your membership, any services and qualifications.
If the personal information you provided contravenes or undermines Yoshida's services objective, Yoshida reserves the right to terminate your membership, any services and qualifications.
Third, Members Terms of Modified Specification
Yoshida reserves the right to modify the membership terms, the revised terms of membership will be posted on our website related pages, do not make other members individually. If you do not agree to modified contents, please do not continue to use our services. If you continue to use our services, as you have agreed and accepted the membership terms update or modify.
Fourth, Service to Stop, Interrupt, or to Change
Yoshida reserves the right to stop or change any of the services or terminate the right of a member account service and without prior notice to members. However, if this issue causes trouble, inconvenience or damage to any member of Yoshida or third parties, Yoshida would not responsible.
In the event of the following circumstances, Yoshida has the right to stop or interrupt service. If it causes the users to any directly or indirectly damages, Yoshida would not be responsible for:
1. The related software and hardware or telecommunications equipment are relocated, replaced, upgraded, maintained or repaired.
2. The occurrence of suddenly failure of electronic communications equipment.
3. The electronic communications services of Yoshida applied do not provide services by stopped without any reason.
4. Natural disasters and other force majeure factors have caused to Yoshida's website stops to provide services;
5. Members cause any violation to government regulations or the membership terms. 
6. In case of emergency to safeguard other members or third person personal security.
Yoshida website reserves the right to add, modify, or delete all or part of the service in the future, without prior individual notice; members shall not get any compensation or damages.
Fifth, Limitation of Liability
Members should understand and agree that Yoshida's website may be operating on all or part of interruption, temporarily unavailable, because Yoshida, other third-party carriers or network system software and hardware related equipment failure or malfunction, or human negligence while , delayed or result in data transmission or storage on the error, or by a third person into the system altered or forged or altered data, etc., Member shall not therefore require any compensation or damages.
Sixth, Custody and the Duty to Inform
During the registration process, members can be free to choose a user ID and password, but in the process of using the service member, you must by this user ID and password for all actions carried out. For safeguard members’ rights, please do not leak the account number and password to third person, or lend, transfer to others. 
If the memberm ID or password is found illegal usedor destruction of any unusual circumstances, please immediately notify us in order to facilitate Yoshida to take response as soon as possible, but these measures may not therefore been explained that Yoshida definitely or impliedly bear any form of compensation for the duty or obligation.
Seventh, Users’ Behavior
You promise not to do any illegal purpose or illegal use of our services and promise to abide by the Republic of China and all relevant laws and regulations of international practice to use the Internet. 
If you are a user who is not a people of the Republic of China agree to abide by their countries or regions of the Act. You promise not to use our services to ensure the rights of others or damage to the line of illegal behavior and agree to the following terms:
1 Published, transmit, sendout or store all files or data of defamation, fraud, injury, obscenity, pornography, gambling or other violation of laws. 
2 Published, transmitted, send or store any information of infringement of intellectual property rights or other interest.
3 Excerpt or use any database content in whole or in part without the consent of member services.
4 Hinder or interfere with other users.
5 Any member through improper channels to steal service member account, password or access rights of the act.
6 Other members of the service provided do not meet the purpose of the users’ behavior.
The various types of text, artwork, photographs and other work materials, the copyright or other intellectual property rights within Yoshida’s website are still part of the respective manufacturers or other legal rights in accordance with the license conditions set at the time and scope of authorized members to use.
But only for your using personally, these words, drawing, pictures or other works or data could not be used without prior authorization for following:
1 Sale, transfer, lease, lend, sublicense, come with the book or any other form of commercial use.
2 Upload to any other websites, or available to other people by other ways.
3 Obscene, abusive, defamatory, illegal trade, or violate the provisions of copyright law or other laws of behavior.
4 To whom the purposes of using to modify or edit.
If the legality of disputed ownership rights happened by any text, artwork, pictures or other works or materials, Yoshida reserves the right to discontinue directly without notice at any time, or delete directly, or notify the members to stop using.
Eighth, Risk
Members agree to use the services of Yoshida’s website is based on the member's personal will and ego forany risk. Including download the information and pictures from Yoshida’s website, or leading to the members of the computer system is damaged, any data loss or other results by getting information from Yoshida’s website.
Ninth, Copyright
Welcome the personal non-commercial website to link on Yoshida’s website. Please do not share any articles or pictures without the written authorization.
If the article, content, images, format in Yoshida’s website are needed to be cited for reference, you need to get the agreement in advance through our website. Any transcription format and graphic information content from Yoshida’s website are without the agreement are violations.
Any information once uploaded on Yoshida’s website from members published in the free discussion are the property of all, and also is deemed to have been released to allow people to use unconditionally, to modify, to reproduce, to distribute, to publish the information and get this right delegated to others.
Author warrants that Yoshida website will not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights by using, modifying, reproducing, distributing, publishing the information. 
The article published for free discussion group on our website regarded as the agreement of the using by the contents on the website, newsletter distribution, any print media, newspapers and magazines, or assembled into a book.
Yoshida website keeps all other related works rights.
Tenth, Particularly Agreements
Members agree not to use the services of Yoshida’s website to injury, abuse or attack Yoshida Seiko Co., Ltd. employees, administrators, members, advertisers and related partners.
Eleventh, Personal Profile
As the Members’ personal information, Yoshida agrees not to expose members of the name, address, e-mail addresses and other personal information protected by law;
except for the following circumstances:
1 Based on the requests of the law
2 By judicial or other competent authority in the legal procedures of the request;
3 To protect the property of the Yoshida's website rights and interests;
4 In case of emergency, to safeguard other members or third party’s personal safety.
Members whom retain the personal information agree Yoshida website and our partners to collect in a reasonably range, to process, to preserve and to transmits. 
Moreover, for the use of such information to provide members to the additional information or services, and for making member statistics on network behavior or conduct surveys or studies, for any of the legitimate and lawful using, or other services.
Except involved in illegal, infringement, or violate of the terms of using, or agreement by members, Yoshida website would protect the privacy of each user, whether an application account, personal information.
This system will not be any monitored, deleted, modified or closed, or personal data and upload information content handed over to third parties, including sponsorship of the advertising companies. However, the Yoshida’s sponsors or co-sponsors have needs because of contact necessary in activities; Yoshida might use the part of the personal data.
Twelfth, Data Storage
There is no using limit for the service capacity of the stored data. However, in order to maintain the system to operate smoothly, Yoshida website has the right for refusing to store, todelete directly, which depends on the actual situation of future, or require users to remove the information they upload.
Members agree that Yoshida website does not need to take responsibility for information deleted and for the failure of backup storage.
Yoshida website does not guarantee the information you upload will be displayed properly, and the accuracy of data transmission; If you find errors or omissions contained in Yoshida’s website, please notify the site administrator immediately.
Thirteenth, Indemnification Guarantee
The various services of Yoshida’s website assumes no responsibility for the expressand implied warranties. Yoshida’s website does not ensure that the all services are stable, secure, accurate, and would not be interrupted. Members should bear all risks and may cause any damage by using of our website services.
Fourteenth, Compensation of Liability Limited 
For the services members use by Yoshida’s website, which might cause any direct, indirect, consequential, or special damages, Yoshida will not take any liability. Above limitation of liability, if the law is not limited by, the restrictions will not apply.
Fifteenth, Intellectual Property Rights
All Yoshida’s website works, pictures, video and data, with its copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret and other intellectual property rights, ownership and other rights, or rights of the Company's website are for all people, through this site without the prior or the rights of lawful authority, the members and friends are not allowed to reproduce, to transfer, re-editing, or in any other form, be used for any purpose, or be liable for all legal responsibilities.
Sixteenth, Links
All links provided by Yoshida's website or any service-related website on the page might be linked to other individual, company or organization's website. The purpose of providing these links is only as a convenient system to collect or obtain information on their own members.
Yoshida’s website to be linked to individuals, companies, organization will not guarantee its authenticity, completeness, timeliness, suitability, or reliability of such individuals, companies or organizations.
Seventeenth, Member duties and responsibilities
Members need to take risks of transferring all the content through Yoshida‘s website or related sites.
Members guarantee to comply with all international regulations and the Republic of China-related Internet regulations and practices. 
Members agree not to engage advertising or selling goods on Yoshida’s website.
Members agree to avoid discussing private things, published an article, please respect others' rights and privacy in public discussing area.
Members agree fully to respect the copyrights, and prohibit the publication to infringe the intellectual property of others in text, pictures or any kind of file.
Eighteenth, in Violation the Behavior of the Law Prohibiting 
Yoshida has the final decision for that if members’ behavior is consistent with the terms of the members. If members violate the terms of the members or any statute, members agree to be stopped accounts by Yoshida at any time or remove account; moreover; stop using Yoshida’s website service. If members whom violate the law should assume take legal responsibility.
Nineteenth, the Effectiveness of Individual Terms
Terms of the membership in whole or in parts would not affect the validity of other provisions.
Twentieth, Law and Jurisdiction
Members’ terms and conditions are explained in accordance with the law of Republic of China, any litigation arising from this Agreement shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of Taipei District Court in the first instance.



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