Amazing Fishing Adventure in Ozerninskoe2012-07-20
Amazing Fishing Adventure in Ozerninskoe

Site:Moscow Region, Ruza district, Ozerninskoe storage reservoir
With cool and comfortable weather, we leave from the crazy city to follow the calling of nature in the prosperous and beautiful scenery. Waving Trout Hunter casually to experience its innate extraordinary performance and amazing loading ability make the hook fly gracefully no matter how the distance is. Fish can’t also resist the attraction of the hook and bites it. Fishing is becoming another art show. Anglers feel so comfortable without any burden as if connecting with the nature.

Trout Hunter 5-6# length 2.7 m / Refined Line No. 0.8

Trout Hunter 5-6# length 2.7 m / Refined Line No. 0.8

The shinning wave becomes the special stage for Conquistador without anything affecting its momentum. Produced with the extraordinary quality high carbon fiber, Conquistador is very tenacious. The famous high quality SIC guides and reel seat can make different reels on the Conquistador show amazing performance. Smooth casting and high sensitivity make anglers find the fish precisely and launch a lethal attack.

Conquistador Spinning 2.1 m

In a gentle breeze, the trees on the other side of the river seem to praise for the extraordinary performance of Marksman 2.4 m. Marksman 2.4 m has two different action of tip so it can snipe more kinds of fish. Anglers can change different tip rapidly depending on different kind of fish to show the best performance.

Marksman 2.4 m

From left, the sequence is Marksman 2.4 m、Conquistador Spinning 2.1 m、Trout Hunter 5-6# length 2.7 m. It’s impossible to hide the shine of extraordinary masterpieces.

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