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The Technique of Yoshida Seiko Shoes2012-08-16
Yoshida Seiko shoes are made with DESMA, the best techniques around the world. The technical art of injection with uppers and soles is the production process of shoes that arranges the sewed uppers into the sealed mold with the injection technique to make PU / TPU material heated in a sealed space to foaming for combination into molding.

The functional shoes with the technique of Injection with uppers and soles are the kind of no-glue environment-friendly shoes which has the function of breathability and ventilation on the basics of technique of Injection with Uppers and Soles. The main features are production with imported leather to be delicate and tough without the phenomena of ungluing and sole break-off.

Five Features of Yoshida Seiko Shoes:

[Comfort] Ergonomic design, Survey from millions of feet, Bolt design to suit the most feet to feel more comfortable.

[Breathability] Professional nylon ultra-waterproof PU fabric, Water-resistance, Breathability, Your good partners in rain or snow.

[Warm] Inner lined with cashmere whose level is as good as Australian wool, Soft touch, Warm enjoyment.

[Lithe] Imported soles with polyurethane material, slip resistant, abrasion resistant and eight times lighter than common shoes to make you stroll lithely.

[Injection Molding] Technical art of Injection with Uppers and Soles protects the soles from unglued fracture. Leading international technology make your selection with ease.


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